Apache Problem: Method POST Method Not Implemented

Apache Problem: Method POST Method Not Implemented

Post by Conrad Richt » Tue, 23 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I realize that this problem is not strictly a Linux problem; if there is a
more appropriate place to post this query, please let me know (by email).

I have Apache 1.0.0 installed on Slackware 2.0.27 and I can't get my
server to implement a POST Method request from my pages.  I have set the
access.conf file appropriately, I think, thusly:

<Limit GET POST>
order allow,deny
allow for all

GET requests are implemented.  But when a POST request is made from a
page (further down the directory tree from cgi-bin which has the above
access settings) I get, to paraphrase,

                         Method Not Implemented

POST to /var/lib/......../somescript.cgi not supported

The script, "somescript.cgi", works because it is used to get to the page
that tries to make the above POST request.

Is there something else besides the access.conf file that I might have
overlooked?  Is the POST method not normally compiled in?  My Slackware
comes off a commercial CD so I would have thought that it would have the
most common methods already operational.

I have already studied the www.apache.org online documentation but I
did not see anything that addressed this problem other than the discussion
on access.conf file.

Offers of help leading to a resolution of the problem will be rewarded
with 10 *cookies.

Conrad Richter


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Is this a configuration problem?  TIA...


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