System Administrators' Guide 0.4 - new version of freeware book

System Administrators' Guide 0.4 - new version of freeware book

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    Lars> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Lars Wirzenius loudly
    Lars> resents

    Lars>    a Linux Documentation Project production

    Lars>            of the least selling book by the same name

    Lars>                    the Linux System Administrators' Guide
    Lars> 0.4 just when you thought your system was safe

    Lars>                starring Super User as Mr. Root

    Lars>            introducing Lasu as Luser

    Lars>        special effects by Don Knuth and Leslie Lamport

    Lars>    music by Crash and Burn

    Lars>     coming soon to an
    Lars> near you

Well, it ain't there yet :-). What I did find is:

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1. Linux System Administrators' Guide 0.4 goes HTML


The Linux System Administrator's Guide (SAG) is a book on system
administration targeted at novices. I've been writing it for
some years, and it shows. I have, finally, made an official
HTML version, available at the SAG home page

There is both a browsable version, and a .tar.gz that contains all
the files.

I used the LaTeX2HTML program to do the conversion, with some
automated fixing. The whole process is automated, so it should
be easy to make an HTML version of the next version of the book
as well.

I'm sure there are still many rough edges (proof-reading is for
wimps!). Please don't hesitate to tell me about them. Put "xyzzy"
in the subject, if you want to be sure to reach me.

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