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I've read a lot about Linux moving towards ELF. I would like to upgrade my
system to an ELF based Linux, but I don't feel like doing it manually. I guess
I'm not alone with this. So I thought I would wait for the first ELF based
Linux distributions.

A few days ago I read the announcement abuot Linux-FT, and it looks promising,
I'm thinking about ordering it.

So, if anyone has any experience, or comment about Linux-FT, I would be happy
to hear about it.

Istvan Marko            |


1. install Linux before linux-Ft?

I just received and tried install Linux-FT. But the procedure is quiet confuse.
Should I have linux kernal resides in harddrive before linux-Ft is installed.
It seems the run-time Linux-FT does not have linux kernal in it. Is Linux-FT
work on the top of linux. Please advise me. Thanks in advance.


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