How can I get these simple things ??

How can I get these simple things ??

Post by fruz » Sat, 04 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hi there!!

Thank you for speending your time reading my message. Well, first of all sorry
for my English because I am writing from Spain and English is not my tongue
language. Anyway these are my questions:

I use to work with X-Windows and in a lot of programs I cannot make very simple
things like:

- When I push 'del' button I get the same answer like if I push 'backspace'
  button and it shouldn't, should it?

- I cannot display the ASCII table' simbols. i.e. ALT+200 , ALT+126 , and so
  How can I get these simbols ??

Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to hearing the answers.

Yours, Fernando Ruza.


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I've recive my Sparc and need your help for a simple setting :
the DNS server.

I've create /etc/resolv.conf with
nameserver =

I can use nslookup : he will ask the DNS server and receive
the corresponding IP address. But when I try any other tools like
ping or netscape, no one can solve a name in IP address.

ping --> unknown host
nslookup -->
ping --> is alive

I've Solaris 7.

Thanks for your help

Jacques Bourdeau

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