Linux BUGS? True or False!

Linux BUGS? True or False!

Post by Rob J. Nau » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

>Perhaps he bought a set of floppies.  I ftp'd the Slackware distribution,
>and it took 44 floppies for a "minimal" installation.  Well, that does
>include X, the development (compiler) and networking stuff, but no extra
>pre-compiled kernels, no TeX, etc.

Well I wouldnt call all that a 'minimal' installation. You can live without
installing X you know.
When I first installed, I just installed the A and N sets (2x4 disks I think),
later on the D set (developement, 9 disks).

Quote:>Those (name-brand) floppies cost me
>about $30 US.  CD's are much cheaper to mass-produce than floppies, as
>the raw media is so inexpensive.  But with no CD drive, and no assurance
>that another machine will have one either, the floppies were the only
>way to go.
>BTW, in case you haven't read this enough, the new Slackware distribution
>includes version 1.2.8 of the kernel.  And Linux, like any other OS, has

Don't forget to get patches to 1.2.9 and 1.2.10 (although they are minimal,
most linux patches seem to patch code indendation, typo's in readme's and
c comments.

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1. Linux BUGS? True or False!

Hello All!
I am thinking of installing Linux on my comptuer at home, but I am not really
sure I should.  I have a couple friends that say Linux can be broken into, and
is not very safe.  Has anyone here heard of such a rumor?
  If this rumor it true, can someon please mail me some general holes in Linux
and then tell me how these holes can be fixed.
Thank you in Advance,
 Vikas Jayaswal
100 bugs in the code. 100 bugs in the Code. Debug the code
and compile it again, 101 bugs in the code. :')

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