Netscape & intellimouse scrolling

Netscape & intellimouse scrolling

Post by Craig Stewar » Fri, 03 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Check out the page:
I used it to get my Intellimouse working, I took out some of the commands
in the script, but it's all there for you.

Good luck,

> I recently went from RH5.2 to RH6.0 in a clean install. I have a
> Microsoft intellimouse trackball that works great under GNOME. I had
> saved a post that had the commands to scroll Netscape that went into
> .Xdefaults. It was the only file I forgot to save.
> If anyone has the post or can paste the commands in an email, I would be
> greatful. Once you get use to scrolling it's hard not to :-(.

> TIA,

> Blackstar


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I have gpm and XF86configured to accept a 3-wheel MS PS/2 intellimouse.
To my taste, however, the window scrolls too quickly and jerkily when I
rotate the wheel.

Does anybody know of a way to adjust the rate of window scrolling per
unit "spin" of the intellimouse wheel?



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