GNU Binary Utilities 2.5.1 released: now includes assembler (gas)

GNU Binary Utilities 2.5.1 released: now includes assembler (gas)

Post by Ken Raebur » Mon, 24 Oct 1994 07:05:31

Version 2.5.1 of the GNU binary utilities (binutils) is now released.  This
package includes various utilities for creation and manipulation of object
files, libraries, executables and core files on a variety of systems.  The GNU
assembler and linker are included, along with GNU versions of the standard UNIX
tools strip, ar, ranlib, size, and gprof, and objcopy and objdump for format
conversion and examination.

Because of the large amount of code overlap and the close relationship it has
to the binutils, the GNU assembler has been incorporated into this release, and
will not be released separately.  Other changes from previous versions are
described below.

The binutils-2.5.1.tar.gz distribution file has been placed on
in /pub/gnu, and will be appearing on the usual mirror sites.

(Version 2.5 of binutils was put on the ftp servers a week ago, but was quickly
found to have several serious bugs, so the announcement was never made.  If you
picked up that version, you should update to 2.5.1.  A couple different tar
files for 2.5 were supplied, so I'm not providing diffs.)


Some of the changes from binutils-2.4 and gas-2.3:

Some PIC and shared library support: The linker supports linking against shared
libraries on SPARC SunOS 4.  The linker and assembler support linking against
and creation of shared libraries on i386 SVR4 platforms.  The linker supports
linking against and creation of shared libraries on SPARC Solaris 2, though the
assembler does not yet support the creation of PIC code.  Some of this code has
not been thoroughly tested.

New linker options -( (--start-group) and -) (--end-group) have been added to
support searching a group of archives as though they were a single archive.
This can also be used in a linker script, as GROUP ( files ).

When a file is named on the linker command line, and the linker does not
recognize it as an object file, the linker will now treat the file as a linker
script file.  A linker script named in this way augments, but does not replace,
the default linker script.

New linker option -warn-once.  It causes the linker to only warn once per
undefined symbol, rather than once per reference.

Changed objdump -dr to dump the relocs interspersed with the assembly listing,
for a more useful listing of relocateable files.

Changed objdump -d/--disassemble to only disassemble SEC_CODE sections.  Added
-D/--disassemble-all option to disassemble all sections.

Strip and objcopy should now be able to handle dynamically linked ELF

Usage messages are available from most programs with the "--help" option.

Updated Linux support from Eric Youngdale, including the ability to link
against Linux a.out shared libraries, and generate QMAGIC binaries.

ELF linking should be faster for i386, SPARC, MIPS, and HPPA targets, thanks to
conversion of those targets to the new linker scheme.  Some COFF targets have
been updated as well.

Weak symbol support for a.out format.

Support for the ARM processor, from Richard Earnshaw.

Improvements to the ns32k support, from Ian Dall.

Improvements to the VMS support, from Pat Rankin.

Improved Alpha support, including 21164 support contributed by Digital.

Updated GO32 (DOS) support, from DJ Delorie.

Assembler support for the control registers of the 68060 processor.

The `gas' subdirectory has been converted to use an autoconf-generated
configure script.  (We've been using alpha snapshots of autoconf version 2,
which will be released soon.)  Eventually, other directories will presumably be
converted too.

Verious miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements.  Unfortunately, not all bug
reports and patches received for earlier versions have been dealt with; I still
have a little bit of a backlog.

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