Getting information on mounted partitions

Getting information on mounted partitions

Post by Alexandre Oberli » Fri, 06 Apr 2001 03:50:00

Hi all

I couldn't find an answer to these 2 questions :
1. How can I know if a mounted partition belongs to a removable drive
(CDROM, Jaz, etc)
2. How can I read the label of a CDROM ?


1. Reconstucting the information needed to mount an NTFS partition under Linux


I unfortunatly recently managed to get the partitiontable on one of my
HDs screwed up. ( a careless answer of yes to "should I fix this
error" in Partition Magic, sure wont do that again...)

Then while trying to reconstruct it manually from my memory, I think I
overwrote the beginning of a NTFS partition with an extended
partition. Now if I interpret mount's ouput correctly, I overwrote the
superblock, which contains necessary information for mounting the

My question is now, can somebody give me some hints as to how I might
be able to recover the files from the harddrive? Ever since
overwriting the superblock I didnt do any more writes to the HD, so
the actual files should all still be fine.

Here are some things I allready did try:

- GNU parted rescue (not compatible with NTFS)
- gpart, just froze my kernel when trying to locate lost partitions
- Win2k chkdsk says it doesnt support raw devices
- doing some wild DD's from the original partition to a working NTFS
partition, hoping I could somehow get the files, however these were
just unsofisticated potshots.

Does anybody know, how I could either reconstruct this damaged
superblock to make the partition mountable again, or maybe know a way
I can extract the Files somehow by "raw" access?

Christopher Peters

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