XF86_8514 for XFree ver. 1.3? HELP!

XF86_8514 for XFree ver. 1.3? HELP!

Post by Michael Hedley x-74 » Tue, 18 Jan 1994 22:17:06

I am running XFree on a Gateway 486 with an ATI Ultra(not VLLB) card.
The card provides standard VGA(512K) or accelerated graphics with
the 8514 coprocessor(1MB).  I currently only have the standard VGA
mode working in 800x600.  I downloaded the XF86_8514 server from
sunsite in the hopes of increasing resolution and performance.  When I
try to start the server or do a '-showconfig' I get the following
message:  ' can't load dynamic linker /lib/ld.so'.
Do I simply need some more files?

I believe my Linux distribution is running XFree version 1.3.  
I suspect the server I am attempting to use is for 2.0.  This may
well be my problem.  If so, could you tell me where to find an 8514
server for 1.3?  Also, how much effort is required to upgrade to
version 2.0?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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I think it is time for me to upgrade my XFREE 1.3 (coming with SLS 1.03)
to XFREE 2.0.

Now my questions:
What have I to do?
Which Files must be replaced?
Are the old binaries running with the new XFREE?
Which libs do I need?

I installed LD.SO 1.3 with the libs 4.4.4 short time ago...I knew that the
new XFREE needs LS.SO....but what else?

Or it is possible to run Binaries for XFREE 2.0 with XFREE 1.3 ?
(this solution I would prefer)

I hope that anyone can help me,
thanx in advance,

 Thomas Niederreiter

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