Mae 3.0 or what ever Does it run under linux has any one tried

Mae 3.0 or what ever Does it run under linux has any one tried

Post by Clifford T. Matthe » Fri, 22 Aug 1997 04:00:00

MAE doesn't run under Linux/Intel.  It's only available for SPARC and
HP based machines.  I don't know much about Linux/SPARC or Linux/HP,
but for it to run under Linux on those architectures it would be
necessary for there to be a compatibility package for Solaris or HPUX.

Linux/Intel can run Executor, which runs many Macintosh applications.
Try downloading a demo from and to get the general
feel of Executor.  The default download is almost a year old, there are
newer patches in that greatly improve
the compatibility, but you need to download the default download first.



1. I MUST have a Floppy (yech) FreeBSD install --- anyone ever done one?

I would like to install FreeBSD on a lowendian home box (8 megs ram,
200 megs IDE HD, mono (yup mono) monitor, unfortunately NO CDROM).

This machine is going to be a dedicated TeX/LaTeX/troff writing box,
and nothing more!

Thus, a minimal install with a few packages is all I would seem to need.

OK, Laughs over now?   Thanks....... I really am serious about this, OK.

1.  I did test drop in a preinstalled IDE drive with 2.1.5-snap something
    or other, and it came up fine.  SO, it should be possible to build
    a low endian box to be a plain writing box.

2.  I need to do a floppy install --- sorry no CDROM available, and I don't
    plan on one for now.  I have tons of floppies and only one install will
    be required for a long time, right?  (pending power line nukes...(:+{{....)

3.  I tried the 2.1.5 stable disk set from a few months back and the install
    came up fine, but the part of the script that actually does the floppy
    install is broken --- it merely circled back to itself and then said
    that it could not get the full bin in one piece and died.
    That sounds like a broken install script to me, since everything else
    in my disk set seems to work, and it knew what it was looking at on the
    disks, but just failed to bring the pieces over onto the hard drive
    for extraction.

4.  HAS ANYONE EVER done a floppy install of FreeBSD?????  Everyone does
    the ftp or nfs or cdrom install that I have ever heard of.  Has anyone
    actually ever tested the floppy install?  If so, I need to find out
    the particulars therof.  My install scripts on 2.1.5 worked fine, except
    for the actual reading of the disk, and sure feels untested or broken
    to me.  My office FreeBSD boxes came up fine, so I don't think it is
    my inexperience at the installs (done about a dozen installs now, yup
    yup yup, and just love that FreeBSD install simplicity.....(:+}}.....).

5.  Is there a particular version later than my ancient 2.1.5 that I should
    be using for a working floppy install?  It is no problem to nuke the
    existing disk set and reload them with whatever version works from
    the primary ftp site, or wherever.  I may need some pointers, here.

OK, now that we are all having a good laugh, me included, I would really
like to do a floppy install set on the toy home writing box, OK, but just
need any particular pointers to the best version to use, and any possible
experiences of others on this ``old fashioned way'' of bringing up baby.


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