Why does my SLIP slow to a crawl

Why does my SLIP slow to a crawl

Post by Jeffrey J. Kosows » Wed, 10 May 1995 04:00:00

I am using SLIP (with slattach) to attach my p5-100 & 14.4 Telepath IIv
modem (reportedly a USR OEM) to a university computer.  I am running
Linux 1.2.5 & XF86-3.1.1. Everything usually works just fine and I am
able to open & use multiple rlogin windows (run from a local xterm)
without difficulty.  Every once in a while, however, when I run a command in
 one of my rlogin windows, the response either freezes interminably or
slows to a crawl. A simple 'ls' can take 5 minutes or even forever.

It doesn't appear to be a line or modem problem because the other
rlogin windows still work properly. This problem seems to be
independent of the number of rlogin windows I open and independent of
which SUN or DEC machine I am logging into. It happens even when nothing
else is running over the slip (other than a few tcsh processes).

Does anybody recognize this problem? Any solutions?

Another question I have is whether there is any way from preventing an ftp
download/upload from hogging all the SLIP bandwith.  Is there any way to
tell ftp to only transfer when there is no other active SLIP communication.
I guess that I am looking for a SLIP version of 'nice'.

Thanks for the help. Please post to the net or e-mail replies.



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Hi, there:

I use DIP to enable SLIP connection (mode CSLIP) for my Linux machine (Slackware 2.2.0). I have
noticed that the SLIP connecton is much slower than that under DOS. I come to this conclusion
based on my experience on FTP and Netscape. It seems that I can never exceed the limit of
1.3kb/s ! However under DOS, I use Lan Workplace and Telix to establish SLIP (I hate to admit I
just couldn't get SLIP up with Trumpet Winsock. Actually I got SLIP to run once using TCPMAN
then never again no matter how hard I was trying.) under DOS. The transfer rate I get can be
much higher (sometimes >7kb/s).

The modem I have is a 14.4k. I set MTU 296 and SPEED 38400 for Linux.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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