Ntalk & Ytalk ???

Ntalk & Ytalk ???

Post by Rajib Rash » Sun, 16 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hello All:

        Does anyone know where I can find the source/binaries for ntalk and
ytalk ported to Linux? All the archies results point to a
Linux/system/Network/aris/... direcotry on sunsite, but the aris directory
no longer exists on sunsite or any of the mirrors. The LSM does not have any
entry for it either! Any help would be appreciated.

        Thank you

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What d'ya think?


My PC ----->SLIP---> HOST -----------------> JohnDoe's PC

On since Thu May 18 14:59 (CST) on ttyp0, idle 0:01, from johndoe.net
New mail received Thu May 18 16:10 1995 (CST)
No Plan

JohnDoe is on the HOST onsite network.

I just want to "ntalk" to JohnDoe.

I think I need to:

This should contact him but I don't know what he is receiving at his
PC.  I would be interested in trying this with someone to see if it is
possible or if I am just nuts.

Any answers?
Any takers?

Let me know.
Rick Mantooth

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