Ways to convert prn,ps to plain text format

Ways to convert prn,ps to plain text format

Post by Kevin Le » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 13:04:34

Dear all:

        I have search for tools software to convert prn (from windows) to
plain text format. I have come cross pstotext. However, if try with the prn
file, it fails to work. It is because GUN GS 7.05 cannot interpret the prn
file correctly. I have also change rename the file from prn to ps, which
give me the same error.

        Just wonder have facing the problem of using Ghostscript to read a
prn file which is generated from windows. Is any configuration is required
on Ghostscript in order to read prn file generated from windows.

        Any assistances will be greatly appreciated..

Kevin Lee
General Manager
Viva (Group) Trading Company Ltd.
Tel: +853 703131
Fax: +853 703121
Website: www.viva.com.mo


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