Xanim with Intel Indeo R4.1?

Xanim with Intel Indeo R4.1?

Post by frank.boe.. » Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hi Linux media experts,

I am trying to play an avi Intel Indeo R4.1 movie. Xanim does not yet
support this format. Or does it? When I compiled it from scratch I only
found information on linking with certain object files in order to support
R3.x. The downloadable binary comes with compiled in support for these,
among other formats, but not for R4.1.
Is there any other way? Any conversion tool? Or another player?



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I have xanim, which reports

AVI Video COdec: Intel Indeo R4.1 is unsupported by this executable. (E18)
   AVI Notice: No supported Video frames found.


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