GHOSTSCRIPT: which device driver for HP LaserJet 5p ???

GHOSTSCRIPT: which device driver for HP LaserJet 5p ???

Post by Bo » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Subject says it all. I've tried laserjet, ljet2p, ljet3, ljet4 and
ljetplus. They seem not to work. Any suggestions?



1. Printer Drivers for Hp LaserJet 5P

I have searched the HP website, but I cannot find a
version of the printer driver for the HP Laserjet 5P
for Aix 4.1.4.  Where are you suppose to find that?

We are trying to stop the printer from spitting out
a blank page after each job.  We have already changed
the _Z parameter to !  , we are now  hoping to try a new
printer driver to see if that helps.   We have sent a printout
to it through a pc app, and there is no blank page, so we
assume it is something with the host.  Currently, it is
defined as as HP LaserJet III on a lantronic box.  Please send


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