Questions to iBCS2

Questions to iBCS2

Post by Thomas Feuersta » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hello World ;-)

all i originally wanted, was to run binaries compiled on/for Solaris 2.4
on my Linux-Box. While i thought iBCS2 could do this job (right/wrong?), i
installed ssibcs2. The installation seemed having succeed without any
serious problems.

Afterwards i generated the needed devices and started:   insmod iBCS.
(no comment from the system.)

I compiled the typical hello-world-program on the Solaris-System - and now,
i thought, could execute it on my Linux-Box. All i've got was: 'can't execute
the binariy' (or something similar), while it doesn't matter if the executable
is linked statically or not.

Therefore my question: Isn't it possible to run Solaris 2.4-binaries via iBCS?
(and if yes, what do i make wrong?)

Thanks for any comments - Thomas


Questions to iBCS2

Post by Steffen Ullri » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

>Therefore my question: Isn't it possible to run Solaris 2.4-binaries via iBCS?
>(and if yes, what do i make wrong?)

I don't know if you can run Intel solaris files with iBCS-emu, but
with guarantee you can't run sun binaries.
check your file with "file $file" if you don't know wich format it is.

                                        Steffen Ullrich



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I have 2 binaries of a program.  A sco binary and an isc
binary.  I am not sure what isc stands for.  

When I try to run the sco binary I get a seg fault.  (I have
iBCS2 running, RedHat installed it default).

isc version of the binary runs but later exits with an error
while trying to talk to /dev/tcp.

NRLInitialize: t_open /dev/tcp failed. t_errno=8
errno = 13
NRLInitialize: CheckTLI failed - returned 64496
./ Communication System Failure:
NRL initialization failed.

Can anybody provide any helpful insight into this ?


Atif Khan

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