Help w/ ErrorDocument in apache

Help w/ ErrorDocument in apache

Post by Morten Wittroc » Tue, 09 Nov 1999 04:00:00

>I'm having the hardest time configuring the customized error document in
>I edit the srm.conf file and put in:
>ErrorDocument 404 /missing.html
>In my web root folder /home/httpd/html/ I have missing.html.
>Whenever I access the site with IE5, it brings up the default IE error
message (even
>after I've deleted all previous Temp Web files..). However, the message
comes up
>properly with Lynx. Someone told me that it's something in IE5.


I'm quite certain that if you telnet to your own server and issue "GET
/NON_EXISTING_FILE.HTML HTTP/1.0<CRLF>CRLF>", the server will indeed return
your custom HTML.

The HTTP/1.1 spec (RFC 2616) advises clients to display such HTML (10.4
Client Error 4xx):

"User agents SHOULD display any included entity [your HTML] to the user"

IE5 seems to ignore that advice though.


Morten Wittrock
Copenhagen, Denmark


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