Weird mkisofs Behavior

Weird mkisofs Behavior

Post by Gordon Chamberli » Thu, 11 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Ok, I've used mkisofs a number of times quite sucessfully -- thanks Eric

Youngdale for writting it.

In the past day or two I've been trying to use it to prepare a backup
to write to a CDR.  I used following  command line:

vienna:/home# mkisofs -L -r -l -T -o /Gravy/glac.img glac

After completion, I mount the image through loop back to test it.  The
image is only
480 MB.

vienna:/home# mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop=/dev/loop0 /Gravy/glac.img

Then cd to /mnt/cdrom and try a du.  This gives the following error:
2        ./.elm
2       ./.gimp/brushes
3       ./.gimp/gradients
2       ./.gimp/palettes
2       ./.gimp/patterns
2       ./.gimp/plug-ins
2       ./.gimp/tmp
104     ./.gimp
4       ./.hotjava
15      ./.ncftp

[a fair number of files, perhaps half of the "disk"]

218     ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples/Book/visualize/datavistalite

243     ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples/Book/visualize
309     ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples/Book
13      ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples/Other/jdbc/math
46      ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples/Other/jdbc/sql
61      ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples/Other/jdbc
243     ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples/Other/visualize
340     ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples/Other
651     ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216/Examples
8595    ./DV_Products/V217/Lite216
27946   ./DV_Products/V217
du: cannot change to `..' from directory ./DV_Products/: No such file or

I get a syslogd error message in /var/log/messages of:
Sep 10 23:31:11 vienna kernel: .. Directory not in first block of
Sep 10 23:31:11 vienna kernel: Backlink not properly set 1c f74c.

I've checked a couple of things, including not archiving DV_Products
directory.  The
same error occurs in a different directory.  It is possible to remove
the error completely
but there is very little in the archive after that.

Can anyone that has seen this before help me?  Or if you haven't seen
it, perhaps some
guesses?  I do have some sym links in that particular sub directory, but
I think they are
all valid.

I have tried burning the resulting CD image.  The first attempt failed
very close to the
end.  The second CD was mountable but had a fair amount of corruption.

Thanks tons for anyone who can give me a pointer for this!
 Gordon Chamberlin
 Visualize, Inc.             


1. : Weird ">" redirect behavior vs. ">>" redirect behavior

Hopefully, someone has already seen this and knows whats up.

Simple script


while [ 1 ]; do
   echo "Count - ${i}"
   cat /etc/system
   i=`expr ${i} + 1`
   sleep 5

Run it as:

nohup sh > /tmp/myscript.log &

Let it run for a while.  Then run:

grep Count /tmp/myscript.log | wc -l
ls -l /tmp/myscript.log
cat /dev/null /tmp/myscript.log
ls -l /tmp/myscript.log
ls -l /tmp/myscript.log
ls -l /tmp/myscript.log
grep Count /tmp/myscript.log | wc -l

The file size info on my system (Solaris 8) for the /tmp/myscript.log
is zero at first and then goes right back to where it was but a bit
more when the next iteration of the cat command output /etc/system.

Also, the first grep..wc -l command shows how many times the script
has basically looped.  The second grep will show only a couple.  This
shows that the inode is saying the file contains everything is always
did but the grep command is saying it only contains up to some of
point a buffer - maybe the output file descriptor buffer?  I'm
guessing I'm not a programmer

If you change the ">" to a ">>" with your nohup , it works as
expected. The file is zeroed out and the inode info shows it growing
as you would expect it to.

What's the differences between ">" and ">>" that makes this happen?
Running the script with ksh does the same thing.

Looks like a bug to me.

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Sean O'Neill

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