Help: Need CPU time on Pentium 200 MHz running Linux.

Help: Need CPU time on Pentium 200 MHz running Linux.

Post by Louis Paul » Wed, 04 Sep 1996 04:00:00

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I am in need of somebody very generous to allow me to
run a 10 minute (max) compiled (with g77) fortran benchmark
code on a Pentium (Pro) 200MHz machine. This is my problem:

I am considering buying a workstation which will primarily be
used to investigate the solar wind/local interstellar wind
interaction. I would use the workstation to run
a fluid solver written in fortran 77. I already have a
AlphaStation 200/4 233 MHz machine running OpenVMS, but I'm
positive that I can get the same (or better) performance from
a Pentium Pro 200 MHz machine running Linux (a much less
expensive option). To motivate this to my piers, I need hard
facts, like the execution time of the fluid solver on a
Pentium Pro 200 MHz, compared to my AlphaStation's ex. time.

Q: Is there anybody out there generous enough to grant me
10 or so minutes on a Pentium Pro (or Pentium) 200 MHz machine
running Linux? or any other suggestions?


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