Openlinux cannot boot up,screen filled with zeroes only!

Openlinux cannot boot up,screen filled with zeroes only!

Post by Teo Chun Li » Fri, 13 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi everybody;

I recently bought OpenLunux v1.2 and installed into my computer

The bootable CD-ROM seem to be easy to install

But on booting it is all 000000000,after the words starting Linux,3 times
been like this

I was wondering whether anything to to LILO or I choose the wrong display

I choose the VGA SVGA and S3 virge but did not choose the default

My display card is S3 Virge Trio

Can anyone enlighten me what is the problem and how to solve it

Thank you


1. Floppy reports size as zero sectors, zero tracks, zero bytes

My 3-1/2" floppy drive has stopped responding properly to requests for
its geometry.  The low-level "fdformat" utility will query the hardware,
find out that the disk has zero sectors and zero tracks, and exit (it
seems to think its work is done).  The drive doesn't show any other
problems: I can put filesystems on the floppies and mount them, and I can
splat kernels directly onto the media with "dd".  I can even do a
low-level format with "superformat" (which doesn't seem to ask for the
geometry).  The sector/track error is only an issue with "fdformat" and
with Mach---Mach always wants to check the geometry before mounting the
floppy disk.

I'm trying to figure out what is causing the problem.  In the past, the
floppy drive worked fine.  Unfortunately, I can't tell when the problem
occurred; I don't do low-level formats that often.  I can think of three

 1. My 1992 floppy drive has had a hardware failure, or is simply
    incompatible with modern hardware.  (It moved from B: to A: a while
    back, but I doubt that's the problem).
 2. My PCI motherboard's built-in floppy controller is buggy.  It's an
    Intel Zappa ED, with the Triton 82430FX chipset.  It's fairly recent.
 3. The Linux floppy driver (which Mach is using) is incompatible with
    one of the two pieces of hardware.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to proceed?  Thanks.


Derek Upham

"Ha!  Your Leaping Tiger Kung Fu is no match for my Frightened Piglet style!"

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