login process hangs only from certain hosts

login process hangs only from certain hosts

Post by Filip Korlin » Sat, 09 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hello everyone,

I have a problem related to telnetd. On my Red Hat 4.1 Linux system
I have an account for a friend. The account works without problems,
I can telnet to it from localhost and from computers at my school.
My friend however, can't telnet to from his Linux system.

When he tries it, he gets as far as the system identification, but
the login prompt never appears. On my side, I can watch the telnetd
process use almost 100% CPU and the login process for the remote
connection is left as a zombie. =

My guess is telnetd/login tries to use some service
from the remote host, which my school's computer provides but
not my friend's.

Any suggestions??

 regards, Filip


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