Needed: Program to backup/restore partition table

Needed: Program to backup/restore partition table

Post by Jeremy Mathe » Fri, 23 May 1997 04:00:00

        1) Recently, the partition table on my wife's hard drive disappeared.
           Net result: Lost all of her data - but hard drive is physically OK.
           Machine had 3 partitions: 1 primary with DOS 6.22, 1 primary with
           Win 95, and 1 extended (shared, D: in both environments).

        2) We assume we're SOL this time around, but think it would be a
           good idea to prepare in future.  Seems like Linux is well suited
           to this, because it should some fairly simple dd command,
           pointing at the /dev/hda raw device.

        3) Even though this request has nothing to do with Linux per se, as
           I said above, I think a Linux solution may well present itself.
           I'm thinking something similar to the solution given to the
           perennial "How do I remove LILO from my hard disk?", which is:
           dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda ibs=512 count=1

Anyway, we tried just using FDISK to put back the first partition, but, as
you'd expect, it came back as an unformatted partition.  Is there anyway to
make it back into a formatted one???  As I said, we expect we are SOL this
time, but would like to be able to make a backup of parition table in future
in case this happens again.  Thanks in advance...

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