Testing, please ignore it.

Testing, please ignore it.

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Test, please ignore this message


Yes, it IS possible to get FTAPE to work under version 1.2.  After
several weeks of avoiding the little pitfalls (it's been weird since
the 80-ish kernels) I was able to get it to work.  I backed up and
compared 2 afio files (200MB uncompressed) and had no problems at all.

System: Linux 1.2.0, GCC 2.6.2, libc 4.6.20, insmod 1.1.87, ftape 2.02,
        Colorado Jumbo 250

First things first, you should disable the "module versioning" support
in your kernel, and recompile if necessary.

You need to apply the "new kernel" patches to ftape.  These are at
sunsite in Linux/kernel/tapes and are just a few definitions.  After
patching, it will compile cleanly, except for a warning about pointer
assignments to an interrupt handling routine which can be ignored.

Don't remove the -g option in the Makefile.  While it does make ftape
bigger, I've seen reports that removing it can cause problems.  You
can always rmmod ftape when you're done to reclaim memory.

Using the "stock" insmod 1.1.87, you should be able to install
ftape.o as compiled above.  There is a patch for insmod from Bjorn
Ekwall that was supposed to solve the problem of segmentation faults
with ftape.  I had no trouble with the ORIGINAL insmod 1.1.87, but the
patched version would cause ftape to crash on the first tape access.
If your "insmod.c" contains the string "bss" this is the patched
version that would not work for me.

Once I got the right version of insmod, it installed OK, and has
worked very well.

  CONFIG_MODVERSIONS in kernel must be OFF
  Apply patches to get proper #defines
  Compile, leaving -g switch in place
  Use unpatched insmod

Hope this helps,

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