Kernel data version 3, mount data version 1 (userfs)

Kernel data version 3, mount data version 1 (userfs)

Post by Duncan P Simps » Fri, 04 Nov 1994 20:21:49

Using kernel 1.1.52 #4 when I mount use muserfs it says
"Kernel data version 3, mount data version 1"
How do I fix these (I tried recompiling but it did not work)

Duncan (-:


1. data data data

howdy.  i'm having a little problem.  i need to store a very large number
of character strings in a file so that i can easily index them later.  the
problem being that the size of each individual string is unknown.  i thought
perhaps of using "markers" throughout the file to index each string, but am
unsure whether this is the best way to do it.

i would greatly appreciate any suggestions.  thanks.



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