performance of linux vs nt

performance of linux vs nt

Post by William Evan » Thu, 15 Apr 1999 04:00:00

The can be no one who has not seen this report, but my comments are

1. Microsoft commisioned the report, and probably did not want any price
performance information in here.
2. 3700 hits per second is probably equivalent to 10,000 intranet users
making 20 hits per minute.
3. The cost of client access licences CAL's for a 10,000 intranet would
be pretty large (read x00,000 of dollars)
4. The cost of client access licenses to generate that load on the SAMBA
server would also be very large.
5. Strange that I recieved a notification of this report from a list
that I do not remeber ever having subscribed to. I
    wonder if MS commisioned someone to spam out this report, hmmm.
Microsoft sending spam mail, they must be
    VERY worried about Linux.


1. Linux vs OS2 vs NT vs Win95 vs Multics vs PDP11 vs BSD geeks

        Every machine and operating system has got its useful

        I see no point in argueing with people which OS is better, and
which is worse, and what will survive and what wont...

        The bottom line is obviously the best OS is the one that make
the end user most productive.    Ive used quite a variety of software
from intel, ibm, MS, sun, GNU, DEC/compaq, etc,   and everything OS
has got its UPz and DOWnz, so depending on what you want to do with it
yer machine, probably determines what OS you run.

        So lets cut to the chase -  OS bashing is a waste of time,
and most of the time I'd say the person putting it down just hasn't
seen that particular OS's potential,  or should I say speciality....

      Hell,  Plan 9 has even got some interesting features.. <snicker>

       And all PC users know,  that no matter what use on a day to day
basis on the PC, that one day you will need to boot good ole ancient
DOS to do something...

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