Exabyte & AHA1542 don't like Redhat & 1.2.13?

Exabyte & AHA1542 don't like Redhat & 1.2.13?

Post by Shoel D. Perelm » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have an exabyte scsi tape drive with an adaptec aha1542.  I'm trying
to use Redhat 2.1 with linux 1.2.13.  The tape drive shows up upon system
startup (the scsi card lists it as being detected).  Linux recongnizes the
scsi card also, but it never recongnizes the tape drive during bootup.  It
says "1 host found", but that host is just the scsi card itself.  If I do
tar -tf /dev/st0
i get Cannot ope n/dev/st0: No such device
I did mMAKEDEV st0 and all that... Any ideas what the problem could be?

Any  help would be greatly appreciated!
-Shoel Perelman


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