Ada elf binary, compiler

Ada elf binary, compiler

Post by G PREST » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00

 hi all,
 Ive just obtained the GNAT ada compiler for linux, 3.05 elf binary version
and have tried to run a test program using the header Text_IO but When I
execute the program I get the error "cant resolve symbol __libc_opendir "
but when I run it with GNAT.IO alls well. After reading the readme file
I began to think it may be my gcc version at fault. I`m running gcc 2.7.0
kernel 1.2.13 and libc 4.xxxx do I need a higher version of these to
compiler the programs properly?
        If I need to specify anything else tell me.


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I was recently bitten by the fact that some software, that was
originally compiled on say, Slackware 2.3, will not run on Slackware
3.0 because Slackware 3.0 is usually shipped with "ELF" binaries.

I have read the ELF HOWTO, which in the "red hat" distribution ran 3
pages. It was pretty terse and to tell the truth I did not understand

Does anyone out there know what ELF is (or are) and have a good
reference for the "uninitiated" so that I may learn?

Thank you


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