Arrow key in gnome-terminal

Arrow key in gnome-terminal

Post by Sebasti » Wed, 19 Dec 2001 01:06:10

This is a newbie question.

For some reason my arrow key in a gnome-terminal does not work unless
I press it repetetivly.  So now to go to 5 caraters back I must push
the <- key 5 times instead of holding it down.

what should I do to fix this?



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Since bash uses some Emacs keyboard commands, I'd like to use the same
keys in each. Currently, Emacs uses the Windows key on my natural
keyboard for Meta. That's good, because it's easier than the Alt key,
which is too close to the spacebar. But for the life of me (and I've
FAQ'ed, Deja'ed, and Alta'ed) I can't find out how to make
gnome-terminal use the Windows key instead of the Alt key for word
movement, e.g.

I'm rather gathering that gnome-terminal doesn't respect X mappings?

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