Do you have....

Do you have....

Post by Edg Duveyoun » Thu, 02 Jan 1997 04:00:00

    Do you have a Web site that is associated with your newsgroup?  If so,
please send me the URL.

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Do you have....

Post by Cameron L. Spitz » Thu, 02 Jan 1997 04:00:00

>    Do you have a Web site that is associated with your newsgroup?  If so,
>please send me the URL.

The most comprehensive Linux URL I know is:

The easiest to remember is:

I hope everybody maintaining Linux web sites (and Linuxweb pages)
links back to these two, and registers on Yahoo's Linux index with (Linux sites only.  The general
add-to-Yahoo form is just

Cameron in San José


1. Problem with re-partitioning HD for DOS after having Linux on it

This may have nothing to do with Linux; if not, I apologize
to those of you in the Linux newsgroup who are reading this.

I have received a used 1.2Gb HD which previously had a
200Mb primary DOS partition, a 300Mb extended DOS partition,
and the rest was used for Linux, and partitioned using the
appropriate Linux utilities.

I have placed the hard drive in another machine and correctly
set up the BIOS.  I have completely formatted the hard drive
(via the BIOS).  When I go into the DOS 6.22 fdisk to create
a 1.2Gb primary DOS partition, it only creates a 504Mb partition
and then tells me that there is no room left on the device.
How can I get the whole hard drive set up for DOS?

Is there some problem with the area of the hard drive that used
to be configured for Linux, or is there some problem with DOS,
and the 500Mb limit and the prior 500Mb of DOS partitioning
are merely coincidence?

I'll check the newsgroups, but would appreciate an e-mail reply.
Thank you.

Michael S. Post

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