Travan tapes and Linux...

Travan tapes and Linux...

Post by Miles Dav » Sat, 09 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Will a Travan tape drive (like Iomega's Ditto) work with Linux? I am
thinking about buying a 3.2GB tape drive, but since I spend 95% of my
time and disk space using Linux, I want to make sure it will work...


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Question: can a dump from a TR-3 travan tape be used to restore in a 5 gig

Here's my scenario. I have a groovy TR-3 (HP Colorado) tape drive I use
with Ftape 4.* to dump to. It works excellently and I recommend
dump/restore to anyone interested in making serious back-ups. I've
restored my machine several times.

I am getting another work machine and would like to restore files dumped to
the TR-3 tape onto the new work machine. I noticed that TR-3 tape drives
are hard to find, and that for example, the HP Colorado 5GB IDE/ATAPI drive
is reasonably priced, and available. Any other suggestions would be

Has anyone gone from TR-3 format to a 5GB drive successfully?  Once
support for IDE/ATAPI tape modules are compiled into the kernel, do these
IDE/ATAPI drives work, or are they buggy. Kernel circa 2.2.5-15 (Red Hat

Adam J. Finkelstein

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