boot problem with boot floppy

boot problem with boot floppy

Post by Wilfr » Tue, 03 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi I have a WD 1.2GB -(windows 95 installed) and a SCSI MAxtor 540MB with
Linux 1.2.8 installed.

First off if I unplug my ide card or unplug my WD1.2GB hard drive, everything
boots fine under Linux. Now when I put the WD back in and try to boot off
from the Floppy disk ,it hangs and saying kernel panic at hda.
But on my floppy disk I said 'mount root=/dev/sda1' .Still hang.

rdev shows /dev/sda1. I also install LILO on /dev/sda1.

Any one ever come across that? I know that if I unplug my IDE drive, I can
boot fine without using floppy. But if I have my IDE drive in , I have to
use a floppy to boot my D:.  

There must be a way out.



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Hello, I need help on using utility floppy when my linux is boot
by floppy.

Booting is ok, but I need some utilities like "mkdosfs" ...,
which are not contained in the boot&root diskettes. So I make a
utility floppy (mke2fs /dev/fd0; mount -t ext2 /dev/fd0 /mnt;
cp /sbin/mkdosfs /mnt;) on another linux. Then I insert this
utility floppy back to my linux and mount it to /floppy.
Although, the "mkdosfs" can be seen by "ls" and "cat",
it can't be executed. The error message is "mkdosfs not found".
The boot&root diskettes are from Slackware.

I have check out Linux Bootdisk HOWTO but still have no idea what
happen here. Can you help? Thanks a lot.

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