Slackware v2.30

Slackware v2.30

Post by John M D » Wed, 08 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hello folks. Just a quick question and a quick bit of info. Firstly,
does anyone know of any ftp sites (preferably in the uk) who still
have a copy of the non-elf distribution of Slackware?

Secondly, as the developer of Lizards, I'm afraid it's been rather
neglected for some time - the final version with snazzy front end and
built-in level editor is almost ready to roll - I'll keep you posted.


john dow


1. Diamond Stealth VRAM v2.30 (ISA)

Does ANYONE out there have a clue as to how to get this video card
working properly with XFree86 (the version from RedHat 2.x)?  It works
great with the Accelerated-X demo, but I am sort of on a tight budget
now, or I wouldn't still be running with this card.  The only tips I
have gotten from various FAQ's require doing things like booting DOS
prior to running X, and doing all sorts of strange things, that surely
shouldn't be required, now that Diamond has released their programming

I have tried this off on on for months, with limited success.  Any
pointers would be appreciated!




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