LOCAL: Imperial College Union LUG InstallFest, 12th May 1999, London, UK

LOCAL: Imperial College Union LUG InstallFest, 12th May 1999, London, UK

Post by Henry Tan » Thu, 29 Apr 1999 04:00:00

The Imperial College Union Linux User Group (ICULUG) is planning to hold
its 2nd event of the year, an InstallFest on the 12th of May 1999. The
provisional time and place are 2pm in Room 101, Civil Engineering
Department, Imperial College. Admission is free and contact me for more

For those of you who needs help to install Linux on your
PCs/laptops (with or without Windows 95/98/NT installed) and would like
us to give you a hand, you are very welcome to bring your own
PCs/laptops along, note that you don't have to bring your monitors, only
the main units.

Please remember to contact me to let me know that you are planning to do
so. For those of you who cannot bring your own PCs along for the event,
you are welcome to come along and get a feeling of how to install Linux
on PCs.

Short for Annual General Meeting, this is all about electing new
committee members for next academic year and suggesting what we should
do or organise next year. Unfortunately, this is only open to members of
the Imperial College.

Henry Tang (PG)
Computational Fluid Dynamics Section,
Mechanical Engineering Department,
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine,
University of London.
Tel.     : (0171)-594-7109

Webpage  : http://monet.me.ic.ac.uk/people/hltang/


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I think it is about time that Linux users in London (UK) formed a users
group -- which unfortunately I would be too busy to join except as an
ordinary member right now. Even so, I certainly need support for my Linux
activities, which tend to be a sideline for me, and I would frequently like
to confer with fellow masochists <g>.

I would suggest meeting in a specific watering hole near Tottenham Court
Road one Saturday (when the weekly computer fair is on), or over towards
Holborn near the PC Bookshop in Sicilian Avenue, which has a fairly good
Linux book selection and probably a majority of recent distributions.

Would anyone else interested please contact me at one of the following email
addresses. I am having problems with the first right now, bu the second is
definitely working.

Tony Beaumont

 __  __  __  __      __ ___   _____________________________________________
|__||__)/ __/  \|\ ||_   |   /
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