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I'm using dip to dial into my work and start a slip session, but then when
I start another xterm on my system at home and type ftp <IP ADDRESS> of another
machine at work I get network unreachable. I've used the netconfig program
and responded yes when it asked 'Are you planning on using slip'. How is ftp
supposed to know about using the modem? Should there be some sort of daemon
running on my linux box? What am I missing? I also have netscape but it doesn't
know about the modem either.

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Post by Brooke Pa » Thu, 28 Sep 1995 04:00:00

1) Check the configuration of your SLIP port (sl0) with the 'ifconfig'
command.  Does it have the proper IP for you and the SLIP server?

2) Check the kernel routing table with the 'route' command.  Is the SLIP
server set as the gateway?

        Be sure to set both $remote and $local IPs in DIP and to set the
$remote IP as default before going into SLIP mode.

        Hope this helps....
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Does this behavior have anything to do with /etc/diphosts?  I'm using


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