Detecting a scanner after loading driver module (probe-scsi ?)

Detecting a scanner after loading driver module (probe-scsi ?)

Post by John Line » Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I have a Umax scanner attached to an adaptec SCSI adapter, and the
works fine under Linux, provided I have the scanner turned on when I
the SCSI driver (I have it built as a loadable module)

The driver detects what is on the SCSI bus, and presumably creates all
/proc/scsi info etc, but I wondered if there was a utility I could use
which would probe the scsi bus, and update /proc/scsi etc (presumably by
going through the driver to do this) without needing to unload and
the low level scsi driver.

        John Lines


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I am trying to add an IBM 1 gig scsi drive to a Sparc10 (replacing a bad
seagate drive) and probe-scsi does not recognize it. I have tried it with and
without termination, different scsi addresses, with and without a second drive.
Probe-scsi does recgonize a second seagate drive in the Sparc10 but only if the
IBM scsi is not installed.
The vender claims the IBM is fine and probes on their sparc10.

Any ideas?


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