- autologout, autolockout?

- autologout, autolockout?

Post by Todd M. Felm » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

According to the csh man page, I can set the autologout time in the
csh.login file in the /etc directory. It also stats that I can enter an
optional second _word_ that will make the user's shell automatically lock
and ask for a password after a certain time.

I don't understand just how to enter this option. The man page says:

       autologout (+)
               The first word is the number of minutes  of  inac-
               tivity  before automatic logout. The optional sec-
               ond word is the number of  minutes  of  inactivity
               before automatic locking.  When the shell automat-
               ically logs out, it prints `auto-logout', sets the
               variable  logout  to  `automatic' and exits.  When
               the  shell  automatically  locks,  the   user   is
               required  to  enter his password to continue work-
               ing. Five incorrect attempts result  in  automatic
               logout.   Set  to  `60' (automatic logout after 60
               minutes, and no locking) by default in  login  and
               superuser  shells,  but not if the shell thinks it
               is running under a window system (i.e. the DISPLAY
               environment variable is set), the tty is a pseudo-
               tty (pty) or the shell was not  so  compiled  (see
               the version shell variable).  See also the afsuser
               and logout shell variables.

I've tried:

set autologout 60       30
set autologout 30       60
set autologout 60(30)
set autologout 60(+30)
set autologout "60 30"
set autologout "(60 30)"
set autologout "60 (30)"
etc. (don't laugh, I don't have a clue!)

I would like to have the account lock after 30 minutes, then logoff after
60 minutes. Is this possible with this command - if so how -- if not how
do I use the autologout for autoLOCKout?



1. Question about "autologout" in tcsh


I don't subscribe to this group so please send any responses to my

I just installed BSDI 3.0 and noticed that I now get logged out of
my shell after 60 minutes of inactivity. This did not happen in BSDI
2.x. I know that the cause is that "autologout" is set to 60 minutes.

How do I set the autologout shell variable so that it never logs me
out but does automatically lock after x minutes. Here is some text
from the tcsh man page:

         The  first  word is the number of minutes of inac-
         tivity before automatic logout. The optional  sec-
         ond  word  is  the number of minutes of inactivity
         before automatic locking.  When the shell automat-
         ically logs out, it prints "auto-logout", sets the
         variable logout to "automatic"  and  exits.   When
         the   shell   automatically  locks,  the  user  is
         required to enter his password to  continue  work-
         ing.  Five  incorrect attempts result in automatic
         logout.  Set to `60' (automatic  logout  after  60
         minutes,  and  no locking) by default in login and
         superuser shells.

What I am looking for is the line I would put in my .cshrc file.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Winders

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