Yeah But did you fix it ?

Yeah But did you fix it ?

Post by Bob Cla » Fri, 09 Dec 1994 22:51:39

The new release is all well and good, but did you put a 1.1.50 kernel on
it that actually works.  I bought your last one and after consuming many
hours was told (thankfully by another netter) that it wasn't a USER error
but a crappy version of the kernel....

Bob C.
An unsatisfied customer.


1. GGI: yes, yes and yes

I don't quite understand all the objections. Most of them are in the form:
why use GGI, if my super-duper-mega-$$$ X server can do it? Well, yeah..
Why go from Kaunas to New York for free on a jet-plane if I can take a
slow ferry for a thousand bucks or so. Let me tell you my simple
motivations for being POSITIVE about GGI:

[1] Gee, I want to do some simple graphics.. Why should I use complex X
    for a simple graphics demo? (And there are NO books on X where I live)
    SVGAlib? Ha! guess what: SVGAlib _hangs_ Linux on my system as it
    doesn't seem to like my S3-Trio64V+. Well, OK, maybe it doesn't hang
    Linux, but it leaves the console and the keyboard in a 'dead' state,  
    so I can not even reboot gracefully.

[2] What about coherence between some programs? E.g. I heard that some
    commercial X servers can only return to 80x25 mode. Hey, what if I
    use SVGATextMode (which I _do_ use and like a lot)?? What about
    dosemu, on the other hand? It assumes 80x25 and f**ks up programs
    on other virtual consoles. Don't you think we need a civilized
    (i.e. kernel-level) way to sort this out?

Please, if you don't like the concept of GGI, just DON'T USE IT and DON'T
BOTHER READING ABOUT IT. Why discourage brave and good people from doing a
good (in theirs and mine opinion) job? You won't hurt if they succeed,
believe me. And if GGI gets into kernel, I believe you'll get your
satisfaction pressing 'n' to that funky prompt:
Include GGI support? [y/n/M]:


P.S.: Keep up the good work, GGI guys!

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