Linux 2.0.27 & syslog

Linux 2.0.27 & syslog

Post by Alf Stockt » Thu, 19 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have installed Slackware 3.1 from the Sept 1996 InfoMagic Linux
Developers Resource.

One problem I have encountered is to get logging working.

I have checked my /etc/inittab to find entries as follows :-
rc:23456:wait:/etc/rc.d/rc.M and in rc.M
echo "Going multiuser..."

Now the books I have say the default init should be run level 5 but
even if I alter the 3 above to a 5 it makes no difference. I never get
to see "Going multiuser..." leading me to believe that rc.M never
runs. As rc.M starts syslogd and if rc.M never runs no wonder no
logging. My question is why ?

My 1st attempt at rectifying this was to look in make config, or
better yet, make menuconfig, but there is nothing there about logging
and anyway the inittab I have quoted above looks right.

BTW In the process of doing all these make config and make menuconfig
I have moved from Linux 2.0.0 to Linux 2.0.27 which I downloaded from

I have also when "ps -aux" never seen syslogd running & the other item
I have noticed is a lact of /dev/console

Help ...... What have I done wrong ?