How can I run basic (most basic) linux from a diskette ????

How can I run basic (most basic) linux from a diskette ????

Post by a.k.a. OM » Sun, 22 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I must create 1 disk that contains the *most* basic kernel available,
supporting PPP/SLIP and TCP/IP routing and also an eth0 dev. It must be
running in a 486 harddisk less to be used as a gateway, can anyone help me
????? Thanks in advance.
Oscar Maqueda Hortells (a.k.a. OMAQ)

"To the infinity and beyond"


1. Basic and Basic->C converter wanted

Looking for recommendations for what kind of basic (yes, basic) to run
on a 4.3bsd unix system (sperry 7040 (tahoe) to be exact). I have a
version of UBC basic that has severe garbage collection problems among
other things. Had Phil's Basic running under 4.2 for a while. Any other

And if I don't come up with a decent working basic, are there any basic->C
comverters archived anywhere on the net, or for retail? I have a few folks
here who don't want to learn a real programming language. :-(

Email please... I will post a summary after a while.


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