v1.4.2 of the slang programmer's library released

v1.4.2 of the slang programmer's library released

Post by John E. Dav » Mon, 21 Aug 2000 11:52:20

Version 1.4.2 of the multi-platform slang programmer's library is now
available from:


and the mirrors:


For more information about the library and programs that utilize it,
visit the slang web site at http://space.mit.edu/%7Edavis/slang.html.

Although version 1.4.2 is primarily a bug-fix release; a new
feature has been added to allow modules to be imported into an arbitrary
namespace rather than the global namespace.

Changes since 1.4.1
1.  slang.c: Under certain conditions, the continue statement was not
    properly handled in do..while statements.  src/test/loops.sl added
    for testing.
2.  slparse.c: avoid potential (rare?) infinite loop when slang error occurs

3.  slsmg.c: When SLsmg_init_smg is called, mark the display as trashed.
4.  It is now possible to add intrinsics to their own namespace via
    new SLns_add* functions.  Moreover, the import function now takes
    an optional additional argument that specifies a namespace.
5.  New namespace intrinsics: use_namespace, current_namespace
6.  Changed inner-product algorithm to minimize the number of cache
7.  sldisply.c: Kanji specific patch from Jim Chen

8.  sldisply.c: Assume that Eterm and rxvt are xterm-like (Michael

10. slsearch.c: avoid infinite loop if search string has no length.    

12. slregexp.c: regexp \d+ was not working properly
13. keyhash.c: typos involving USER_BLOCK keywords corrected.
    (the use of USER_BLOCKs is discouraged).
14. New intrinsic variable: _slang_doc_dir.  This specifies the
    installation location of the doc files.
15. Make sure it can compile with  SLTT_HAS_NON_BCE_SUPPORT set to 0.