Need help with tftpd

Need help with tftpd

Post by Eri » Mon, 16 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,
I have an X-terminal (a viewstation fx) wich I would like to use with my Linux
machine. The terminal wishes to load its OS from my linux host via tftp, but the
"server code" entry requires somethin like /
and my host cannot find the file. Now, I tried to get the file
/usr/netOS/image/bootfile using tftp on the linux machine (to the linux machine)
and that would not work either, untill I removed the first slash (/). I can not
remove the first slash from the server code line on the terminal (as it would look
like / wich obviously will not work :) so what can I do?
Any help would be appreciated,


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Dear All,

I have a Motorola AIX box which installed A.I.X4.1.5R2. In the
inetd.conf file, I uncomment out the line for tftp, and then do a
refresh -s inetd on the command line.
but when I do a lssrc -ls inetd, the tftp is not showed up, does any one
can explain why this happpen?



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