man pages for 'fread' & 'fwrite'

man pages for 'fread' & 'fwrite'

Post by Karl Key » Fri, 11 Nov 1994 01:50:21

I'm not sure who maintains the man pages for Linux, but those for fread and
fwrite wrongly describe the return values.

The functions take a size parameter and a number-of-elements parameter.
They return the NUMBER OF ELEMENTS read or written, NOT the number of


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1. 'info' displays hyphens in man pages as '^i' instead of '-'

When I execute the info command for topics found in man
pages (e.g. "info diald-examples") info fires up and
displays the *man-page* information. But, it displays all
hyphens ('-') for words that have been broken at the end of
a line as '^i's. This is true in text mode at the console
and under X using rxvt or xterm.

Can anyone enlighten me on why this is happening and if
there is a fix? I am running Debian 2.0.

---- Ken

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