Linux PPP transfer rate via FTP

Linux PPP transfer rate via FTP

Post by Bill McEache » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 23:41:24

Quote:>I get around one k /sec.

I've got mine running at 1583 cps over a 8 bit clean 14.4 modem link.  This is
transmitting an already compressed file (via gzip) over a PPP link via

Try setting the asyncmap option which tells PPP to assume the line is 8 bit
clean. To use this option, edit /etc/ppp/options and add the line "asyncmap 0".

Also, try playing with the mru option of pppd.  I read somewhere that
"mru 296" was a good number and it works well for me.  This changes the
maximum receive unit to 296.

Before I made these changes, I was getting about 1024 cps on my PPP
connection.  I can get 1650 cps using term but PPP gives better access so
I think its worth the 4% performance hit.

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1. Linux PPP transfer rate via FTP

Well, I found my major problem, the host I was connecting to was a hayes ext. modem
connected to a Sparc 10 /w SunOs.  any way, I found out that the getty I thought
was setup to connect the modem to sparc at 38.4 K was dropping down the baud rate
table to 9600.  But when I went to the host and tip'ed into the modem at 38400 then
tip'ed out I could connect to the modem w/o dropping down the baud rate table.

I still have a couple of other problems.  When I ftp'ed a binary, I noticed errors
in /proc/net/dev.  I can not configure the getty on the Sparc to 57600.

Any help on these final probs would be great.

Justin Gaither

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