restrict ftp user to home directory but view contents

restrict ftp user to home directory but view contents

Post by hugo » Fri, 18 Apr 2003 15:18:01


I have an unusual problem, both on an SGI Irix 6.5.8 machine as well as
on RedHat Linux 6.2. Both these machines act as ftp servers, and on
these machines I would like to restrict users to their home directory
when they connect with ftp.

Under Irix, this can be done by putting the user name (from the password
list) in /etc/ftpusers followed by the word "restrict". They cannot move
out of their home directory but this also make it impossible for them to
see any files in their home directory.

Under linux, there is an /etc/ftpaccess file where presumably similar
restrictions can  be set up. Irix, by default has no /etc/ftpaccess file
so making one may not work for setting restrictions on users.

At the moment when I restrict the user to their home directory they
cannot see the files in it, and when I do not restrict them, they can
see home directory files but also move to other directories on the
serverand see the contents of those.

Whether it is a setting in /etc/ftpusers or /etc/ftpaccess, what I would
like to do is this:

1. Restrict the user to their home directory
2. Enable that user to get a full listing of the files in their home
directory only.

Can anyone tell me how to set this up?




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