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> > every now and then, when i boot my system (redhat 6.0), i get a "the
> > system has reached maximal mount count, check forced".
> > what's up with that, and why does it happen?
> Each e2fs filesystem keeps track of how many times it has been mounted,
> and has an idea of how many mounts it should go before forcing a
> filesystem check.  This is just for safety.

If it bothers you, you can use tune2fs to adjust the number of mounts
and time period between checks so that it happens less frequently or
not at all (make sure you do this while it's unmounted or mounted




1. Can't force ethernet card detection


I have been trying to install Linux on my Pentium. Everything works
fine, I
even managed to get X running. But Linux does not detect my ethernet
card. The
ethernet card is a SMC. I looked in various Linux FAQs, and it seems
that I
can force Linux to detect the ethernet card by typing

linux ether=<irq>,<io_port>,<low_mem>,<hi_mem>,eth0

at the boot prompt for linux.

This is great, except that I didn't know what these parameters are. I
another partition, and installed Windows NT. And sure enough, NT
detected the
card. I looked up the diagnostics produced by NT, and got three numbers.

IRQ - 11
IO LENGTH - 0x80

The documentation for Linux said that I should enter -1 for the
parametrs that
are not applicable for this card. I can't figure out which, if any, of
three parameters (io_port, lo_mem, hi_mem) should be set to -1, and what
other parametrs should be.

Can anyone out there help me with this? I do have NT running and can use
it to
connect to the outside world, but I feel crippled without some form of
Unix on
my machine.

I have no manuals for the card. I tried calling SMC, but that didn't

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.


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