Installing from scratch...

Installing from scratch...

Post by James Dingwa » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00


I'm wanting to attempt something rather silly; I want to install Linux
without using a distribution - ie compile and setup eveything myself.  My
reasons for doing this are partly that I want to move to glibc2 and also
go to egcs from gcc among other things, I also want to gain experience in
this area.  I have one Linux box based on Slackware 2.3 but significantly
altered, and another which just has ~2Gb partitioned for ext2.  All the
pointers that I can find are for installing redhat/suse/slackware etc.

My best thoughts on this topic at them moment are that I need to compile
glibc2, compile a cross-compiler for glibc2, compile a compiler for glibc2
with the cross compiler, install the basics as static bins eg fileutils, a
shell init and go from there.  Is this about right?


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