ANN: Open Source XML Application Server Beta Released

ANN: Open Source XML Application Server Beta Released

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Seattle, WA - June 22, 1999 - Planet 7 Technologies today announced the
Beta Release of their XML Application Server for Java on Linux and
Windows NT.

The XML Application Server breaks down the barriers of writing real-
time, multi-user XML applications as businesses can now quickly write
Internet/Intranet applications that break the stateless model of
traditional HTTP. Without care for network or concurrent programming,
the XML Application Server allows development of real-time enabled
Enterprise applications including virtual meetings, document
collaboration, real-time customer service, and the merging of multiple
XML data points withreal-time business logic.

The XML Application Server is developed under Open Source licensing.
The Planet 7 Technologies team is pushing ahead toward a 1.0 release
with an improved feature set targeting E-Commerce and XML integrators
in need of robust, real-time, scalable applications.  Planet 7
Technologies is also developing a value-added suite of performance
tools to enhance and ease development of XML Applications including
native-code API's for Linux and Windows, COM-based components for
Win32, and ready-made applications that allow for real-time, page-level
site monitoring, document collaboration, and real-time  XML integration.

Please visit the Planet 7 Technologies web for more information on this
new product:

Press Contact:
Chris Jones
Planet 7 Technologies

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