New Version of GNU Fortran 0.5.19 _Patch_ File

New Version of GNU Fortran 0.5.19 _Patch_ File

Post by Craig Burle » Mon, 16 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I made a mistake generating g77-0.5.18-0.5.19.diff.gz,
in that it erroneously included g77's patches for gcc

I've built and uploaded a new version of this file to
ftp::// -- the new patch file includes
a paragraph of explanation for this second version, and overwrites
that file on that URL.  Presumably this new version will propagate
to other GNU mirror sites soon.

If you obtained the earlier version, you might want to obtain the
new one and use that instead, though perhaps nothing actually
went wrong as a result of using the first version.

(The first version had lines beginning "diff -rcp2N gcc-";
the second, correct, version has no such lines.)

This does _not_ constitute a change to g77 version 0.5.19 itself --
just a fix to one of the two files used to produce a source tree
for that version of g77.

Sorry for the confusion!

(For the curious: g77 requires a patched version of the gcc source tree
to work, at least for most gcc releases.  So, g77 provides patches for
versions of gcc it supports in its distribution, in the form of .diff
files to be manually applied by the installer.  g77-0.5.19 supports
gcc version, so it includes a file, whether this
version of g77 is obtained via the g77-0.5.19.tar.gz file or via the
g77-0.5.18-0.5.19.diff.gz patch file.

However, the g77-0.5.18-0.5.19.diff.gz patch file _also_ contained the
patches for gcc version in the form of actual patches to that
directory.  An attempt to apply this patch to a g77-0.5.18 source
tree would likely result in the `patch' command not finding files for the
first few patches, unless the tree was already merged with a gcc source
tree, in which case it might work just fine -- especially on gcc version

The new, second version of g77-0.5.18-0.5.19.diff.gz eliminates these
_direct_ patches to the gcc- directory.  However, it still includes
the patch that creates the new file to be manually applied
by the installer.)

        tq vm, (burley)

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