color 'ls' bug ???

color 'ls' bug ???

Post by Tim Carlie » Fri, 27 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

I don't know how many of you out there have fiddled with the color
options file for 'ls' at all, but the other day I noticed this:

In /etc/DIR_COLORS or ~/.dir_colors (either), you can specify any of
'none', 'all' or 'tty' for the 'COLOR' option.

(taken from the DIR_COLORS file):

# COLOR needs one of these arguments: 'tty' colorizes output to ttys, but not
# pipes. 'all' adds color characters to all output. 'none' shuts colorization
# off.
COLOR none

I tried (out of interest) setting this value to 'none' as above and got
the following result:

genesis:~> ls -al
Segmentation fault

I've tried 'tty' and 'all' - these both work fine. But it was when I tried
'none' that I noticed the seg fault! :) Oops!

Has anyone else noticed this? I guess by default everyone has the color
option on and may not have noticed!

I checked the man page for ls, but couldn't find any bug-report addresses
- perhaps someone can pass this on to the GNU people if they haven't
already been made aware of the problem.



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color 'ls' bug ???

Post by Andreas Kaes » Fri, 27 Oct 1995 04:00:00

> ...
> In /etc/DIR_COLORS or ~/.dir_colors (either), you can specify any of
> 'none', 'all' or 'tty' for the 'COLOR' option.
> ...
> COLOR none
> ...
> genesis:~> ls -al
> Segmentation fault
> genesis:~>
> ...

I just tried to reproduce that - I couldn't. Just works fine.
uname -a:  Linux cnex 1.2.11 #9 Fri Aug 25 20:53:02 MET DST 1995 i486
ls --version:  GNU fileutils 3.9

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