PCMCIA Network card Question

PCMCIA Network card Question

Post by Liz Kimb » Tue, 16 May 1995 04:00:00


Tomorrow on my desk should arrive a PCMCIA 3C589 card.

Will this work with Linux on my NEC portable?? (if not I shall be upset), if
so, what network card options should I pick for my kernel compilation??

Has anyone else out there got it working??

I thought I had read something about 3c589 cards, so if I am * a dead
horse, could someone gently let me know!






1. PCMCIA network card question

I just finished installing Redhat 7.0 for the 10th time. I can't get the
network card to work.

I go into STARTX, then run "control-panel" and select the Kernel Daemon
Configuration button and add an ethernet card. Which module should I select?

Any help in form of ideas, directions or URL sites with this info will be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot

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